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The Arcana Check

The Arcana Check is a regular publication of fantasy roleplaying gae options from the creators of the Thieves Can’t Comic. Our Patrons always have access to it first, but they always find their way to our store.

Spellswords: Caster subclasses for the D&D 5e Fighter

The makers of the Thieves Can’t comic series bring you the latest edition of The Arcana Check, where they explore two subclasses for the 5e fighter that answer the question, “What if the Eldritch Knight didn’t have to be arcane casters?” In addition, we add our own twist to the Eldritch Knight class, allowing it to have a spell book at the cost of needing to prepare spells, along with a few other tweaks. Within this issue, you will find The Spellsword, a fighter subclass with a patron, who focuses on making the most of limited power granted to him by an otherworldly power, ala the Warlock, as well as the Green Knight, a warrior of nature with a fearsome battle companion and access to druidic magics.

Dragonborn & Humanity Revisited: Racial Options for D&D 5e

This is another vision of two of the most iconic races in fantasy. The vision presented for dragonborn is a modular one that builds off of existing lore to create a plethora of new subraces, racial options, and dragonborn-specific spells for making a character that truly feels draconic. And for humans, a slender PDF casts them in a light more suited for explaining how this plucky race came to spread across a dangerous land of magic and monsters. New subraces offer a glimpse into the flexible potential of humanity, and focuses on their adaptability.

Enchanted Metals

In this edition of The Arcana Check we present alternative rules for weapons and armor made from mithril and adamantine. In addition, we introduce two new magical metals: truesilver, a metal well suited for ferreting out the unseen, and shadowglass, a fragile metal ideal for alchemical and arcane purposes.

Overburdened: Weight & Carrying Rules for D&D 5e

From the makers of the Thieves Can’t comic series, this edition of the Arcana Check brings you a set of rules for carrying items that seek to find a middle ground between a reality simulator and a system that feels like an overly complicated mini-game.


Skeleton paper minis and some alternative suggestions for statting them. Pay What You Want! If you want more paper minis, let us know! We enjoy making them, but there wasn’t much demand while we were putting them out regularly.


Kobold Paper Minis, and some suggested stats for a few newcomers. Every official kobold from the Monster Manual and Volo’s is represented in the artwork here. Pay what you want! Want to see more paper minis? Let us know! We love making them, but there wasn’t much demand while we were making them.

Dragonsworn – A Fighter Subclass for Kobolds

When a Kobold assumes the power of a dragon, they become a fearsome, scrappy little bundle of bravery. This is the first edition of The Arcana Check, which was a bit experimental. It also features a dungeon, where your players are tasked with rescuing a band of dwarven miners and possibly unlocking the secret of their hidden vault.

Comic Books

This space is under construction, but you’ll soon be able to buy our work in print or in PDF format. Stay tuned!