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Special shout-out to our unsung tech hero

Special shout-out to our unsung tech hero published on No Comments on Special shout-out to our unsung tech hero

Hey everyone,

I don’t know much CSS. I know very little PHP. My knowledge of WordPress is growing but still very limited.

This comic and the new site for it are only possible because of the time and efforts made by Mike Sisk. If something looks good on my site, it’s because he taught me how to make it that way. If something looks ugly on here, it’s because I didn’t ask him how to make it better.

With that said, Mike could use our help. He needs 100 stars on github, which is where his plugin, Webcomic, lives. This is the plugin that makes this website work. If it didn’t exist, I’m not sure any of my comics on any sites would exist.

Please take some time to make a GitHub account and go to the Webcomic Github Page.

Then give him a star. That’s everything. When he gets 100 stars, he can join Open Collective and do all sorts of magic.

Wait, why don’t Webcomic users do this?

We do. 60 or so of us have. Our readers benefit the most from his work, though. Also, a good chunk of his users aren’t even sure what Github is.

Is there anything else I can do?

Why, yes! What a convenient and wonderful question you asked! If you have a big Webcomic folder, just ask your favorite comic artists to give Mike a star. If they have a WordPress site, they’re almost certainly aware of his app, even if they don’t use it. And if they aren’t aware of him, well, that’ll help him out even more.

Wait tho, your site has [X PROBLEM]. Why should I help this guy?

Mike Sisk isn’t our webmaster or designer. He creates and supports a very powerful plugin that uses WordPress’s CMS to make a webcomic blog out of basically any theme. Ugly stuff is legitimately my fault. So are RSS errors, the weird problem with my comment box that I’m about to go fix, and the size disparity of my images. Mike made the shell I poured this comic site into — not the site itself. He works hard and deserves your star on Github.

Thanks for reading!