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Humanity Revisited

Humanity Revisited published on No Comments on Humanity Revisited
A human woman in medieval armor and prominent shoulder pads has unsheathed her sword. Her back is to a forest. She looks off-page to an unseen foe. Above her, the text reads: "The Arcana Check: Humanity Revisited."

In Humanity Revisited, humans gain a new racial feature known as “Determination” to set them apart as creatures living in a fantasy world. They also gain four new sub-races: Wanderers, Common Folk, Wasteland People, and Hill Folk. Click the image to check it out in The Arcana Check on Patreon.

Dragonborn Revisited

Dragonborn Revisited published on No Comments on Dragonborn Revisited
A dragonborn warrior exhales into the cold air. They are wearing a rough jacket, and holding a two-handed sword with liquid dripping from the blade.

This edition of The Arcana Check presents an overhaul of the Dragonborn race for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Each color of dragon has its own draconic subrace, and all dragonborn choose modular racial features that define what their draconic heritage means. Click the image to check it out on our Patreon.