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Culture & Physiology: Pick-a-Path Races for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Culture & Physiology ver. 3

Culture & Physiology ver. 3 published on No Comments on Culture & Physiology ver. 3

Culture & Physiology 3.0

Our next splatbook is going to be a document for expanded weapons feats. the working title is “Keelie’s Guide to Fucking Shit Up” but I might rein that in a bit. In the meantime, I am still tweaking Culture & Physiology, so here’s a new version of it:

Patch Notes:
Nerfed traits that grant spells, bringing them in-line with the core rulebook tiefling.
Moved the cantrip to a new trait.
Buffed Pack Instincts to better clarify its mechanical role.
Added clarity to and renamed “Other.”
Nerfed Deep Cultural Hatred; it was too strong in actual play. I now understand 5e’s mechanical problem with the ranger’s “Favored Enemy” feature. I might change this to “reroll missed attacks one time versus this enemy” instead of extra damage as I test that feature.
There may be other changes I am missing.

I have been calling this 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 in the title of this instead of the actual patch number, which is 1.1.0. – I think it’s a little clearer to people that this is the 3rd release of a thing that way, but for my internal use, I strongly prefer semantic versioning.

Yet Another Firearms Module

Yet Another Firearms Module published on No Comments on Yet Another Firearms Module

Hey everyone,

When I launched the Arcana Check a few months ago, I jumped the gun (pun intended.) I’ve got my ducks in a row now, and a clear image of what the Arcana Check is going to be. You can expect much more regular content (though an exact update schedule will not be laid out for a bit, since I want to err on the side of quality.)

The Arcana Check is our $5 reward tier and it’s going to have exclusive modules, adventures, and settings that try their damndest to harken back to an old-school feel without abandoning what makes modern tabletop gaming unique. They will occasionally be systems agnostic, or have systems agnostic elements, but for the most part, we’ll be releasing content that expands, revises, or uses Fifth Edition D&D.’

Here is a two-page sample of our latest module, which I lovingly call YAMF – or Yet Another Firearms Module. My fellow Civilization fans will recognize the naming convention from Yet (not) Another Earth Map, and the Cinematic Ammunition rules here are heavily inspired from the Darker Dungeons module.


If this seems like you’re cuppa, this is available on our Patreon under the Arcana Check reward tier.

Yet Another Firearms Module
Click to be whisked away to the module PDF landing page.