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Starfall Part 2 – Page 4

Starfall Part 2 – Page 4 published on No Comments on Starfall Part 2 – Page 4

Hey everyone,

So I found an amazing tool that I want to draw a little attention to — Eigengrau’s Essential Establishment Generator.

It literally creates a city for you, and in very, very great detail; you randomly generate every important building, important NPC, and demographic and then fine-tune these things to your taste before either exporting it as a lovely, professional-looking PDF or directly into Foundry VTT as a series of journal entries and actors. I’ve added three of these cities to my Curse of Strahd campaign (I have made Barovia a bigger place so I can run it as a hexcrawl) and my players can’t distinguish between the homebrew towns I’ve made and tweaked with E3G and the towns that come with the module. In fact, one of my groups is just kind of living in Clujarest, which is 100% not a canon location in Barovia.

If you’re a DM, go check out E3G, spend twenty minutes with the damn thing, and you have every little bit of background you need for the next time your players demand to know who the blacksmith’s husband’s cousin is.

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