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Smudge has to check the feed because it's been forever since there's been a comic

Starfall, Page 9


Opportunity Attacks revisited

Opportunity attacks in 5e, in my humble opinion, make combat boring. Disengaging to avoid an Attack of Opportunity (AoO) sacrifices your own action but leaves the enemy’s in-tact, making it one of the worst trades in the game. While the mechanic can create tense...

Starfall Part 2, Page 7

Super Quick Combat Rules

Quick preamble: this is probably system agnostic on some level, but I designed it for 5e. 5e’s design assumes you’re having probably way, way more combat encounters than you actually are, and that you’re playing long enough and quickly enough to resolve those...

Free VTT Tokens

I have created a repository of about 1200 VTT tokens that you guys can use for free. If you don't want to read more, you can just go to this link and grab them: https://www.patreon.com/posts/54992126 Why Tokens? I like them. During 2020, all of my D&D came to a...

Pathfinder 2e on Foundry vtt

I am a huge fan of Foundry VTT. For my purposes, it is the perfect virtual tabletop system. It supports a ton of systems, including the two that I love the best, namely Dungeons & Dragons 5e (DD5E) and Pathfinder 2e (PF2E). A massive part of the appeal of a VTT...

Starfall Part 2, Page 6

oversized weapons

Okay, so we did an info-graphic this week. We like the idea of building a 5e character around over-sized weapons, but the oversized weapons rules in this edition of D&D are helter-skelter at best.This is not about game balance. At all. This is about throwing...

A One Shot

Hey guys, I am working on a major website overhaul, and then it'll be back into Starfall. In the meantime, have a golden oldie from the Patreon archive.

Better Know a Monster: The Mimic

I love the idea that mimics are cryptids to the rest of the world. Adventurers, at least with the players I've known, would be almost universally unpopular -- even when they save the world, they do it out of eyeshot of everyone else, and burn a lot of bridges to get...

The Hobgoblin (and you!)

It's been a hot minute since our last update because I've been dealing with a very sick pet rabbit, and it's leaving me absolutely drained. - This comic arose somewhat naturally out of my Red Hand of Doom group (retooled for 5e). Hobgoblins in 3.5 are just kind of...

The Trade – Page 5 (End)

To celebrate the release of Ricky's Guide to Spooptopia, we did a mini-arc about that setting's most infamous villain. We had fun making this, and it's based on, perhaps, the most dramatic character death I've ever had at a table. I always sub Candor and the gang out...

The Trade – Page 4

The Trade – Page 3

The Trade – Page 2

The Trade – Page 1


Starfall Part 2 – Murderlude

We cut quickly to Keelie, doin' her thing.

Get you that Fauci Ouchie

Seriously, y'all, I miss real dice. Get the vaccine. I got super lucky; I am on my first shot and get my second one in a few days. I'm working at the geological survey right now, and someone basically dropped from the rafters and jabbed my arm. (Well, it was more like...

Starfall #28

by | Aug 10, 2020 | Comics, Starfall | 0 comments

And we are back to comics. Like I said on the patreon preview, I thought it’d cool to come back from a break in the comics by fading from black. It won’t make tons of sense for archive divers, because they’ll be able to read the last comic and then this one instantly, but I think the experience of waiting for updates definitely affects the art itself.

When I was listening to The Adventure Zone (The Balance Arc) while it was being released, it felt different when I hit the end of the episode. It was special, but tense. On a second listen, the story is more cohesive and compelling, but that tension and the special tone of the end of an episode is greatly dampened. I know there’s no wait.

Segue! If waiting isn’t your bag, you can read next week’s comic right now on patreon. Click on the cut-away panel below and be whisked away to the future.

Also, I am super happy to announce that our store is back online. The attentive among you noticed that I’d taken it down and replaced with with the old Ramen Empire Gumroad store. There was a technical issue preventing people with gmail addresses from getting their links when they bought PDFs. My good friend and resident tech wizard, Prahb, realized that this was because I was spoofing my own gmail address to send these download links.

Download links will now come from a nifty new shop.yesthievescan.com address. I’ve gone ahead and put all the Arcana Check splat books up there as “Pay What You Want,” so head on over and stress test the heck out of this for me.


While I’m talking about the store, I want to point out that we’re doing a limited run of the campaign map from Issue #1 & #2. We’ve made 150 of them. That’s all of them that we’ll ever make. They’re glossy, heavy-duty photo-quality paper posters, 2′ by 3′. Scope it out while you’re over at the store grabbing PDFs, or check it out right here: