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Heat Metal deals 2d8 damage to someone holding metal. It does not mention additional consequences for being encased in molten metal, which is weird because that is the ideal use-case.

Starfall #22

Starfall #22 published on No Comments on Starfall #22

Hey everyone!

We’re going to be having our first livechat this coming Saturday at 6 PM Central Standard Time, so join our Discord and come with questions for zach & me. We’ll be around for about an hour to an hour-and-a-half talking about our favorite RPG mechanics & games, and we’d love if you joined us!

Our discord channel is right here: Teal names are mods, red names are me and Zach, blue names are patrons, and brown names are spudstories (I won’t explain it; you’ll just have to join and find out.)

Want to see the aftermath of R3Y casting heat metal? You’ll have to wait until next Monday.

…or will you? By joining our Patreon, you can get access to the next comic immediately. Pop in and check out what happens next week:

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