Starfall #18

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Comics, Starfall | 0 comments

So as usual, you can read the next comic early. And we’re still in lock-down, so this is still free for everyone. It’ll eventually go back to being a $5 perk for my patrons. For now, though, I want them to be available to anyone who’d like to look at them.

That said, I am finally ready to launch the perk that all of our patrons will gain access to, and that’s going to be a series of world-building posts about Starfall. It’ll be a mash of fiction, artwork, and encyclopedia-style entries. Think of it as a writer’s sketchbook, when that writer has an artist on tap. The first post is about the unit Candor bumped into here.

Read more about the 102nd Voidborn.


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