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Starfall #17

Starfall #17 published on No Comments on Starfall #17

Good morning, folks!

I take D&D a little too seriously on occasion, and often don’t give my world room to have stupid things like Birth Meats (you know, the sacred meat that lines up with your lunar[s] cycle) and honestly that’s kind of a shame. As much fun as I have world-building, I think I’d have more fun if I let the occasional joke slip through.

Anyway, let me tell you the deadly seriously history of the Besniffer, a creature that was rightly in the void of oblivion for most of our lives. These creatures, the soul-sniffers, the makers of the mucus most unholy, once haunted the cosmos making space travel a nightmare and the surface of Cascadian-style into snot-webbed hellscapes. It was only when Spiff Aurilus slew the final Besniffer in the year 4120 (the year 0 in the standard stardate calendar) that other forms of sapient life were finally free to roam the stars – for better or worse.


I am still in the process of trying to make my Patreon a place that you, the gentle readers, want to go to. For now, this just means you can read next week’s comic there – and because of the pandemic, everyone has access, so go read Starfall #18 on Patreon for free:

That won’t always be the only thing on Patreon though, and the prices aren’t set in stone. I’d love some feedback here – how would you guys feel about special Lore and Worldbuilding docs that fleshed out Starfall as a setting being bonus content for Patrons? And if you like the idea, how much would it be worth to you? I’ve got some ideas and special artwork for this extra content built up, so at least some of it is getting made regardless, but I’d like to know if there’s any community enthusiasm behind it.

Yes, Ash, I know you like the idea. You gave it to me. :p

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