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What, he was right? Kid's passive perception is like 8

Starfall #6

Starfall #6 published on No Comments on Starfall #6

This comic has actually been ready for me to letter it for quite a while, but my mother ended up in the hospital and needing surgery. She is recovering, but needs a bunch more surgeries before she’s anything close to better. It’s a complicated situation with her health that, honestly, I don’t understand the medical aspect of. I do know that she’s been complaining about abdominal pain for months, and her doctors were universally not concerned about it for whatever reason. The surgeon found two hernias while he was operating, though, and had to deal with those before addressing the thing he had actually cut into her for. I’m furious, but hopefully this makes the late comic and late patreon stuff a bit clearer. I do apologize for the radio silence.


I want to switch gears for a moment and bring your collective attention to a problem a long-time reader and a personal friend of mine is having. You’ve also probably encountered Ash in the comments section of these comics. Just in time for Christmas, someone broke into his car and stole a bunch of things from him. Among the things pilfered was his D&D prep hoard, from which he’d been planning to DM a friends-and-family holiday game.

A lot of the things that were stolen from him can’t be replaced — campaign notes, personalized miniatures, and the sorts of memorabelia that inevitably find their way from the table to our shelves.

I asked Ash to compile an Amazon wish list representing the items that were stolen, in hopes that we might be able to coordinate in helping him replace some of what he lost. Ash is a strong guy, and I know he’ll bounce back against a petty theft, but being robbed of (to us TTRPG nerds) personal treasures *right* before Christmas has put further darkened a dour shadow over the season for us all.

Here is the aforementioned wish list:

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