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Rakata-Kau-Tar published on No Comments on Rakata-Kau-Tar

Shout-out to Aaron. I don’t know your last name, but your friends love you. I used your city name in today’s comic. I hope that’s cool. I don’t know much about you, but I want you to know that I take you seriously as a creator. Artists always cite their sources, both as respect for fellow creators and so that people can look up cool things that have been borrowed. So I’m going to put this here:

Rakata-Kau-Tar is the the intellectual property of Aaron.

It’s not used with permission, because I have no idea how to contact you. Your friends told me you would get a kick out of seeing it here. If you hate, hate, hate that we used it, reach out to me and I’ll change it asap. Alternatively, if you don’t hate it, I’ll add your last name to the citation if you reach out to me and ask.

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