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I do not miss this style of play.

Starfall, Page 9


Opportunity Attacks revisited

Opportunity attacks in 5e, in my humble opinion, make combat boring. Disengaging to avoid an Attack of Opportunity (AoO) sacrifices your own action but leaves the enemy’s in-tact, making it one of the worst trades in the game. While the mechanic can create tense...

Starfall Part 2, Page 7

Super Quick Combat Rules

Quick preamble: this is probably system agnostic on some level, but I designed it for 5e. 5e’s design assumes you’re having probably way, way more combat encounters than you actually are, and that you’re playing long enough and quickly enough to resolve those...

Free VTT Tokens

I have created a repository of about 1200 VTT tokens that you guys can use for free. If you don't want to read more, you can just go to this link and grab them: https://www.patreon.com/posts/54992126 Why Tokens? I like them. During 2020, all of my D&D came to a...

Pathfinder 2e on Foundry vtt

I am a huge fan of Foundry VTT. For my purposes, it is the perfect virtual tabletop system. It supports a ton of systems, including the two that I love the best, namely Dungeons & Dragons 5e (DD5E) and Pathfinder 2e (PF2E). A massive part of the appeal of a VTT...

Starfall Part 2, Page 6

oversized weapons

Okay, so we did an info-graphic this week. We like the idea of building a 5e character around over-sized weapons, but the oversized weapons rules in this edition of D&D are helter-skelter at best.This is not about game balance. At all. This is about throwing...

A One Shot

Hey guys, I am working on a major website overhaul, and then it'll be back into Starfall. In the meantime, have a golden oldie from the Patreon archive.

Better Know a Monster: The Mimic

I love the idea that mimics are cryptids to the rest of the world. Adventurers, at least with the players I've known, would be almost universally unpopular -- even when they save the world, they do it out of eyeshot of everyone else, and burn a lot of bridges to get...

The Hobgoblin (and you!)

It's been a hot minute since our last update because I've been dealing with a very sick pet rabbit, and it's leaving me absolutely drained. - This comic arose somewhat naturally out of my Red Hand of Doom group (retooled for 5e). Hobgoblins in 3.5 are just kind of...

The Trade – Page 5 (End)

To celebrate the release of Ricky's Guide to Spooptopia, we did a mini-arc about that setting's most infamous villain. We had fun making this, and it's based on, perhaps, the most dramatic character death I've ever had at a table. I always sub Candor and the gang out...

The Trade – Page 4

The Trade – Page 3

The Trade – Page 2

The Trade – Page 1


Starfall Part 2 – Murderlude

We cut quickly to Keelie, doin' her thing.

Get you that Fauci Ouchie

Seriously, y'all, I miss real dice. Get the vaccine. I got super lucky; I am on my first shot and get my second one in a few days. I'm working at the geological survey right now, and someone basically dropped from the rafters and jabbed my arm. (Well, it was more like...

Put the pressure on.

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I make prodigious use of timers in my games, but my players are used to them, so this doesn’t work nearly as well as it used to.


Did you notice that we have a working archive now? I did. There’s a weird story behind it, too. A guy showed up in the Webcomic discord (which is where the wonderful Mike Sisk helps us with his plugin) and showed me how to style the Archive function of the plugins I use to help glue this site together. It was nice of him.

Then he looked me up on Facebook, and if you follow me on Facebook, you know I don’t shy away from politics. I guess didn’t like what he saw. In a thread about the far right attempting to co-op the OK symbol as a weirdly nuanced political hate gesture, he flashed the “ok” emoji and then immediately blocked me.

I had no idea who this was, of course, but it won’t surprise most of you that my wall largely detests far right politics and especially white supremacy (“joking” or otherwise), so it wasn’t an hour before I had the guy’s life story in my inbox (nothing private — just stuff they peeled off his facebook and accounts related to his facebook — I call this dox-lite). This led to the discord admin finding out who it was, and now the guy who helped style my archive isn’t welcome in the tech support chat room, since hunting people down on Facebook to heckle them breaks the TOS of the Webcomic plugin.

The alt-right is kind of bad at trolling, I think. They convinced a huge portion of people that the “Ok” gesture is specifically white power, and then started using it to help identify other alt-right people in photos and other media. So now, surprise surprise, when they do this, people think, “oh, that person is white supremacist.” The goal was, I suspect, to create uncertainty about the gesture and to make the left who complained about it look like crackpots. Instead, what it’s done is create a sort of hyper-awareness about a half-truth that forces people onto the offensive immediately.

I’m not sure there’s a moral to this story, other than that life can get pretty strange and that the Trump era of politics has put people who’d typically ignore one another at each other’s throats instead. I want to assume the best in people. For instance, when someone tells me they’re joking, I want to believe them. I want to believe that this guy was just being flippant and then blocked me on Facebook so that he wouldn’t see my feed, and that he had every intention of continuing to be pleasant in other venues. I definitely want to believe that he knew the complexities of the gesture, and not that he believed it was a white power symbol.

But lately I’ve found that it’s wiser to take people at face value when they tell me who they are.

I’ll get the Patreon comic uploaded as soon as possible. I am still lettering it.