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Adventure Minis – Set 1 – Starter Kit

Adventure Minis – Set 1 – Starter Kit published on 10 Comments on Adventure Minis – Set 1 – Starter Kit


This print-and-play file has art to represent every monster and the NPCs most likely to end up on your battle mat in the Lost Mines of Phandelver. Print the entire file one time, and you should have every creature and NPC you’ll need at your disposal.

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This paper mini collection has front-side and back-side artwork for every monster from the D&D 5e starter set. It also includes a selection of heroes and NPCs that are likely to appear in a combat context. Includes 49 unique minis.


Yeah, me too. I bought this set a couple days ago and I see that the money was debited from my account. But I haven’t received anything in return

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