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A Price to Pay: Magical Items for Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A Price to Pay: Magical Items for Dungeons & Dragons 5e published on No Comments on A Price to Pay: Magical Items for Dungeons & Dragons 5e


These magic items offer great power, and all they ask in return is just a sip of your soul.

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A hero’s spirit burns brighter than most, and from that font of energy, clever mages and the forgemasters of the long-fallen places crafted items that draw on this power. The strongest of these items can drain a hero and bend reality, but others are made of simpler stuff, granting martial prowess in exchange for just a sip of the soul.

These items exist to make the concept of Hit Dice in D&D 5e a little more interesting. As early as 5th level, Hit Dice become one of the most plentiful resources a character has, and grant the comfort of knowing that significant recovery is only a short rest away. Players regain half their Hit Dice on a long rest, which shades further interest into the mechanic, as even the lowliest monsters can erode a party’s health.

But what if this slow erasure of the health pool came from another source? These items let your heroes make a dark bargain to gamble now against later.

The power of these items tempts even the strongest-willed heroes (because after all, they’re the ones best-suited to wield such weapons) and can channel destruction on a scale that give the gods themselves pause.

But later, in the darkness, if the job isn’t done and the heroes are panting for a breath they can’t quite catch, these same items can well spell their doom. In this place, there is no power without a price to pay.

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