5 thoughts on “Opportunity Attacks revisited

  1. While I agree Disengage is boring, I’m ambivalent about how this scrubs the idea of a frontliner. My gut tells me 5E was just made to be slower, and some classes were built to work in that context, so this could punish them unintentionally.

    And on a different note, I don’t think archers or casters really need long range AOOs. People can already do that with the Ready action and adding more on top just punishes martials even harder when it’s the enemy monsters with their arrows/acid/cantrips ready.

    Fun ideas overall though. Love the creativity that went into the style- and class-specific AOOs.

  2. Love it! I’ll try out the first option (the simple one) in my campaign starting these days. And I’ll save some of the class features/talents to use on magic items. E.g. the Stolen Momentum, The white in their eyes, Seize an opening etc can be add cool benefits to various gear!

  3. ….Maybe you should just switch to PF dude for this website or personal play if your having this many problems with 5E.

    1. I also play Pathfinder, but I like tinkering with 5e.

    2. 5E is the most popular TTRPG in modern western gaming culture. It is natural for people to gravitate to it, and then tinker with it. 5E explicitly encourages GMs to homebrew rules to suit their table’s preferences. So, to critique the now 5+ year old game can be as much an expression of love for it, desire to see it improve, as much as frustration towards it.

      Wanting to see improvement in one’s media is not a reason to drop the game.

      Discussion and experimentation is a healthy part of engaging with media.

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