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Feed Drop – Nightlight: A Horror Fiction Podcast

Feed Drop – Nightlight: A Horror Fiction Podcast published on No Comments on Feed Drop – Nightlight: A Horror Fiction Podcast

Werewolves. Simulated Realities. Organ donations gone wrong. Nightlight is a podcast of skilled actors and chilling horror fiction. Here’s a taste:

Nightlight is performed by Black actors and (the reason I wanted to kick off this week’s feed drop with it) pays its Black writers for their work.

That’s important and rare.

I write fiction, and the very first encounter I had with the publishing industry was with a white-collar criminal group promising to get me published if I’d just give them $200. I was 16 and knew nothing about the industry. I had no idea what Yog’s Law. And finding the people who’ll tell a writer that their work is valuable is way harder than you think it would be. I spent years after that experience honing my craft, but also giving the results away – or writing for less than a penny per page with the idea that if I just did that long enough, I’d make it.

But that’s not how it works. There is a lower-tier dreg of the publishing world that sucks in writers and spits them out, chewed up and disillusioned. That’s my experience from privilege. So when something like Nightlight comes along, giving writers a paid home for their short fiction — and then a beautiful translation of that fiction into audio publication — it’s important to me.

You can help more of these great writers get paid by supporting Nightlight right here:

In the meantime, check out Nightlight on their Anchor site, and then plug it into your favorite podcast service and give yourself a few bad dreams.

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