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Deus ex Ludio

Deus ex Ludio published on No Comments on Deus ex Ludio


Here’s hoping that translates into “God from the Player.” I love linguistics, but it’s not my strong suit.


I encourage my players to try stuff like what Candor’s doing here. Sure, it’s pretty damn free form, but I think it’s fun, and when players realize they can pull stuff like this, they start looking at every little detail they’re presented. It’s been pretty engaging — at least at my table.

Sera, the DM of the Thieves Can’t comics, is pretty taken aback at what Candor’s trying here because in a lot of ways, Sera represents how I used to be when I ran games. If this happened to me, I’d just roll with it. The “Yes, and” part of the game is more important to me than whether or not a level one boss encounter gets subverted. A network of cowed monsters? Awesome. Betrayal and intrigue at every corner.

I’d be damn careful about her naming NPCs though…

Money Zone

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