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Critical Questions

Critical Questions published on No Comments on Critical Questions

All right, let’s get back to the business of regular pages and some proper D&D. It feels like an eternity since we put out a comic that wasn’t just Zach and I preparing out-loud, and I am ecstatic to get back in the saddle. The next few comics are going to be a little experiment in story telling on my part. I want them to be loosely connected and clearly in the same campaign, and keyed off a module, but to still all be independent entities that stand on their own. We’ll see how it goes. There may occasionally be a big splash page or something, but for the most part, if you miss a comic, you shouldn’t be out in the cold.

Kickstarter Update:

If you had character commissions from us, check Kickstarter tonight. If you do not have your character art by midnight CST, something went wrong and you need to reach out to me.

Patreon Update:

If you’re interested in knowing more about these redesigns, this week’s Sacred Texts had more Candor outfits, more Reynauldo helmets, and some background information on what informed the new designs. Most of the information is in podcast form, so if you need a way to kill 30-ish minutes in the car, we’ve got you.

The next Arcana Check is in the editorial process. It will be a handful of gishy subclasses. Stay tuned to this space for an update tomorrow at the latest.

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