Types of Metagaming

Honestly? Metagaming can be fun. Give them an intuition modifier, and when they make some weird ass assumption about the world, set a DC for them being at least partially correct. Give the players with history expertise copies of the module's backstory. As long as it's not something toxic or that makes everyone uncomfortable, lean into what people are naturally doing to have fun. The original script was quite different for this one. We ultimately decided that the last two panels were too close to being identical jokes, so we switched it up. I also, you know, looked up the word psychotic and switched to something more appropriate. Original Script: The Types of Metagaming TYPICAL METAGAMING Candor: It’s called troll-gouge valley, so everyone get an acid or fire attack ready. INNOCENT Ormond: I got a 12. That’s more than enough to hit the slime, so I deal 26 damage. BAD ASSUMPTIONS Keelie: That zombie bit me! Reynauldo (panicking): How long until you turn!?! PSYCHOTIC Ormond: Guys, I think I’m turning into a slaad. Keelie: Stand still while I cut your throat. Reynauldo, when can you cast a resurrection spell?

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