Thieves Can’t Win the Metagame

I'll be releasing a whole bunch of new paper minis on the Patreon later today, Monday the 8th, as well as (with any luck) a video sort of highlighting all the stuff we've made / are working on.

Original Script

Thieves Can't Play With their RHOD


Keelie is leading a huddle. Keelie: Guys, I think she’s got us in a module called “Red Hand of Doom.” If there’s an ambush by this farm-house up ahead, then it’s basically certain.


  The party is in front of a pile of dead hobgoblins.  


Keelie: Yep. Definitely RHoD. Okay, here’s the deal. There’s nothing we can do to save the town up ahead-- Candor: Uh. But we can at least try! Keelie: Hear me out. The module SAYS we can’t save Drellin’s Ferry, but it’s a 3.5 module. They weren’t ever ready for 5e characters. Reynauldo, I need you to prepare “Sending.”


LATER The party has their own army at Drellin’s Ferry. Soldier: General Keelie! A messenger from the west! Keelie What is it? Soldier: The Army of the Red Hand has gone around Drellin’s Ferry and burned the entire countryside!


Keelie: So what you’re saying is we saved Drellin’s Ferry?

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