Thieves Can’t See Kansas From Here

When Zach send me the renders for this comic, I just kinda sat and stared at it for a minute. I kinda wanna do a mini-arc in Oz now. Hey! Our Kickstarter has 4 days to go. We have funded every stretch goal. That means that if you back us between now and the end of the campaign, you'll have access to: Issue #2 in print A playable Thieves Can't Regional Setting Map with a Hex Grid for 5e A custom bestiary for that regional map A set of iso dungeon maps with all the information a DM needs to run them Sera's adventure notes for running the story she'd planned for issues #2 And a guide for putting together an adventure with the stuff mentioned above. So if you've been hemming and hawing, I think this is the best time to jump into this project.

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