Thieves Can’t Play “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” – Zero Session #1

Our Crew voted on HotDQ, even though it wasn't on the poll. They'll also be voting on other things that happen in the module. If you want to be able to affect the future of Thieves Can't and The Arcana Check, sign up and make us dance, lifelike, puppet-esque. We're also going to start putting up polls asking you guys to tell us what the players do / try next. We think it'll be fun, and keep us on our toes. The zero session won't have these votes, though, mostly because Zach and I want to do a few low-key redesigns for the characters. Nothing major (...barring the possibility of Reynauldo becoming a dragonoid of some sort?), but also we need the freedom to screw around with them in a context we control. Coming up in The Arcana Check (in a day or so): a splatbook for dealing with weight limits, being tiny, and being large, along with some tiny and large race modifications.

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