The Hobgoblin (and you!)

It's been a hot minute since our last update because I've been dealing with a very sick pet rabbit, and it's leaving me absolutely drained. - This comic arose somewhat naturally out of my Red Hand of Doom group (retooled for 5e). Hobgoblins in 3.5 are just kind of mooks. Hit em, they die, that's it. Hobgoblins in 5e are nasty bits of business by comparison -- see above -- and one of them came up behind our ranger for a critical hit that was goddamn near the hypothetical maximum -- in the ballpark of 40 damage. I DM with open rolls, so the only reason this wasn't instant player death was that I said, before rolling, that the hobgoblin was coming behind the ranger to try to knock him out with the pommel of his sword. And did he ever. Anyway, yeah, the players got captured. Whoops.

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