The first sign of a good character sheet is that it begins at Chapter One

I lied. Keelie's still dead. Haha.

Long Backstories

I love it when my players know their backstory. I can usually find a way to incorporate it into the story -- sometimes by tying bits and pieces of it to plot hooks, sometimes by using other bits and pieces to incentivize certain paths forward -- but generally just to make the game feel a little more real. And I especially love it when that backstory comes in the form of a half-page bulleted list, or perhaps about two pages of prose, at the absolute windiest. My god, though, Chris, I'm gonna be honest with you man, these high fantasy heptadecologies you write for each character... Are pretty damn cool! Being creative rocks, reading something that was basically written for me is is awesome, and I'm really, really happy when I'm doing something that someone else wants to participate in so deeply. Still though, maybe add a summary sheet tho so I can save a bit of time. :)

Money Zone

This page is going to be colored as we gear up for the Issue Two Kickstarter, which I know I said we weren't going to do, but a lot has changed and we think we have a lot of great ideas to make it a worthwhile investment of both our time and your money. More news on this in the coming weeks. Also, the bottom-most parts of these posts are always going to be the money zone. We need, like, and use a lot of money. If you like this comic, consider a voluntary subscription on our Patreon, and check out some of the rewards our subscribers get.

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