The Escape From Skull Cave. … I *SAID,* THE ESCAPE FROM SKULL CAVE.

Hey howdy everyone, We had a rough few weeks. First, Zach and his partner ended up in the hospital. Then they went home and like 12 hours later, Zach's partner's dad needed to go the hospital to have surgery. Everyone is okay, thankfully, and we'll have a functioning creative team again soon enough. We're going to back down to one comic a week while we're fulfilling the Kickstarter, which will also help Zach to get used to being home and among stability again, since we were originally planning twice a week updates while also doing Kickstarter work. In the meantime, if you're following the Arcana Check on Patreon, we've put out Humanity Revisited. That sounds like an impressively large or philosophical project, but it's actually a subrace for D&D 5e. It's my favorite so far of the materials we released; the PHB humans have always felt really lacking. Either you play the generic vanilla race, or else you get to customize your race and start with a feat, which is more like a tax on power gamers than a race. So I'm introducing Common Humans, Wanderers, Wastelanders, and Hill Folk as subraces of humanity, and retooling what, exactly, humans are good at -- namely, living through things. Click the doodle.

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