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Okay, so we did an info-graphic this week. We like the idea of building a 5e character around over-sized weapons, but the oversized weapons rules in this edition of D&D are helter-skelter at best.

This is not about game balance. At all. This is about throwing fistfuls of dice and splatting goblins. It's also a little bit about showing some of the pain-points in the 5e ruleset when it comes to mechanically executing a fantasy idea. Oversized weapons get double damage dice per the DMG - but why not for halflings wielding medium weapons? Here, we navigate the inconsistent rules a bit to try to build the Buster Sword warrior of our dreams.

We couldn't get everything in here. Rune knights and the Powerful Build feature can do a lot in a game where the DM allows over-sized weapons, but there's already a ton of 'mother-may-I' in this build, and those felt niche.

5 thoughts on “oversized weapons

  1. I think I would assume the worst rather than the best when it comes to halflings. If they pick up a sword meant for a 6 foot something barbarian I can’t see them finding it overly heavy making it do anymore damage than it does when swung by that barbarian, I’d just see them being worse at swinging it.

  2. Yet another argument for playing Pathfinder where oversized weapons are easy.

    1. Love me some pathfinder. 🙂

  3. Okay, I get that most of this is homebrew anyway and you can do what you want in your game. That said, that’s not how Lucky and Disadvantage actually work. Disadvantage is resolved before you ever have a chance to use a point of luck, meaning that the only die left for the roll is the lower of the two you rolled with disadvantage. You may then use Lucky to roll another die and choose between those two, but the original high roll that was discarded is inaccessible to you.

    Not to be a downer, but everyone on the web seems to have collectively misunderstood how these two rules interact RAW. Lucky is good, but it’s this misunderstanding of how it interacts with disadvantage that makes it insanely broken.

    1. The devs have clarified that Lucky works the way described in this comic and that this is intended. You’re certainly free to rule otherwise at your table, but when we make stuff like this, we have to use the rules as they exist, not as they should exist.

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