If you kick a halfling while it’s down, you’re always kicking them because they’re short.

Based on events. # So, I wanted to give you a sneak peek on the next Arcana Check. This is the awesome cover art Zach worked up. I'm in love: The idea behind this mod is to give players a means of progression through weapons and armor upgrades without needing to find magical items to do so. I like the weapon and armor system in 5e -- there's a lot to be said for its simplicity -- and I'm taking the bits I like best about it and deconstructing it to give players and DMs tools to create custom weapons and armor, and especially to let players give themselves equipment-based goals that don't depend on finding magic items. At the same time, the system seeks to make the earliest levels of the game a touch more difficult. Look for Masterwork over on our Patreon here in the next week or so.

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