Thieves Just Can’t #1

Introducing Reynauldo and Ormond, who are based simultaneously on the initial heroes in Darkest Dungeon and, of course, Shovel Knight.

7 thoughts on “Thieves Just Can’t #1

  1. Aw man, here we go…

    I just found this site through /r/dnd, so I guess now I’m here to stay. Can’t resist a good webcomic. Sorry school, studying can wait.

  2. My wife always ran our games; she loved it when we explored the towns.

  3. Cody Lee McKinnis

    I’m sharing this with my D&D Discord channels today. Hope it spreads! Really smart stuff, nicely illustrated.

    1. Thanks so much!

  4. How are there no other comments? This is brilliant stuff, hope it has a good audience! 😀

    1. Hey, welcome. 🙂

    2. And hey, I’m relying almost entirely on word-of-mouth to promote Thieves Can’t, so please show your friends. The absolute best way you can support us is by asking your friends if they’ve seen our latest comic. =)

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