Feed Drop – Good Morning…

Hey, my name is Lena! I’m a digital illustrator and graphic designer. I’ve had a love for horror since childhood. I’m working on my first anthology called “Good Morning...” In my series we’ll get a look into a monster’s day-to-day. My first story is called “Good Morning Alma.” https://linktr.ee/lenaknoer


You know that feeling where you had a nightmare about your mother turning into a monster, and you’re forced to go out and kill people to keep her fed so she doesn’t decide to eat you? And then you wake up and realize it wasn’t a dream. It was just yesterday... [caption id="attachment_10924" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Click here to check out Good Morning Alma by Lena Knoer Click here to check out Good Morning Alma by Lena Knoer[/caption]

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