DMing’s the art of the badly concealing your stolen content.

I adore MBMBAM and TAZ and I'll fight anyone who says they're not amazing.

DMing with Stolen Content

Originality is over-rated in your home games, guys. Have Dracula on a moon-base because he's fighting The Hunger and let River Tam and Mal (Well, Tiver Ram and Lam) swoop in as NPCs. It'll be some of the best D&D you've played because everyone has the touchstones to contextualize it, and chances are they love that content. Disney can't sue you for what happens at your table at home.

Money Zone

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Holy beholder orbs, I uploaded the wrong size. Oh well. It stays. I like 'em huge. Yell at me in the comments if it has trouble loading though or if this is a bandwidth problem for you.

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I halved the size because I zoomed out to 10% and still couldn't see an entire panel at once.

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