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The Gang Fights a Dragon, Part 3

The Gang Fights a Dragon, Part 3 published on No Comments on The Gang Fights a Dragon, Part 3


There were resolution problems with the comic as the art went Zach’s hands to mine. The comic might change in size as the day progresses.

End-game D&D

I think stopping a game of D&D is the worst experience. It doesn’t stab, most of the time, because most of the time no one in the room is aware that the game is meeting for the last time, and there was no conclusive denouement to the story. Everyone just goes home and then scheduling problems happen and… that’s it. Kaput.

But it’s almost worse somehow to have a big denouement, and then to go home with your level 20 character and all his awesome magic items and boons and then realize there’s not a world for that guy anymore. There’s nowhere his power matters, because the story is over.

I’m thinking about giving my players achievement patches for when we finish a full campaign, just so that the character sheet isn’t the only thing left over, and that the rewards people get in the end transfer, at least in some small way, to reality.

In any case, Reynauldo is a half-dragon now and it only matters if we want it to.

Money Zone

So someone on our subreddit today asked where issue one could be acquired, and I’m not quite sure how to advertise the fact better or more often than I do without becoming a living self-promotion, but… boop. This is the place where paper copies of Thieves Can’t, Issue One can be acquired.

Also someone asked me why I write little Money Zone pieces under every comic.

1) Money = food
2) If I contain the self-promotions regularly to the bottom of the comic posts, people know where to look for them AND how to avoid them, and it means I can talk about things I like in other places.

The Gang Fights a Dragon, Part 2

The Gang Fights a Dragon, Part 2 published on No Comments on The Gang Fights a Dragon, Part 2

Yes, I know, Candor shouldn’t have that Cantrip and it takes an hour. Don’t spoil their fun, guys.

Also, this is based loosely on true events, but I didn’t want to introduce the real characters, so I… improvised.


Just in case your Monster Manuals aren’t next to you and open, here’s the entry they read.

Money Zone

I’ve had a long week, and the weekend is poised to be longer still. I’m doing it all for you guys, and if that’s worth something to you, let us know over on Patreon. You’ll notice there aren’t any ads on the site. I intend to keep it that way, and your support on Patreon helps make that feasible.