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Remaking the Lost Minis of Phandelver

Remaking the Lost Minis of Phandelver published on No Comments on Remaking the Lost Minis of Phandelver

By far, the most popular thing we’ve made is a set of paper minis for the D&D 5e starter kit, which comes with the adventure “The Lost Mines of Phandelver.” I’ve learned a lot about papercraft since we made that pack, and I wanted to drag it into 2020.

For the most part, this update seeks to make the file easier to print and cut, correct a few errors in the old file, and to make the overall presentation of the product a touch more professional and polished.

The new update will have 4 versions of the file as well as tokens for online use. The three versions are:

Color Minis with a Background

These are ideal for people with cutting machines (I have a Cricut, so it’ll be designed with the Cricut in mind). The background brings the paper minis up to a quality on par with any expensive board-game you’ve seen in the past decade (provided you print them on a heavy, one-sided glossy cardstock.) Machines can cut them out very easily, and human hands with scissors can do the same, but slower. If you don’t have a steady hand, these will be very easy to assemble and will look great on the table.

Color Minis Without a Background

These are for people who enjoy hand-crafting a bit more and want game pieces to have a distinctive silhouette. I don’t recommend them for machine cutting (it’s possible but problematic). This has a subversion with cut-lines so that users can leave a white border around the art if they like that; the guidelines help keep that border an even size across the entire set of minis.

Version 2 Shown Here Are Not Final Designs

Black & White Minis

These are for people who want minis but for one reason or another don’t want to print in color. Perhaps you want to color them yourself; perhaps you don’t have access to a color printer; perhaps you’re putting a game together very, very quickly; perhaps you want to be able to swap out colored for uncolored depending on light levels. Whatever the case, these are here and they’re just as visually appealing as the colored minis.

New Hero Art

We’re generally not in the business of trying to keep up with the endless iterations possible for player-character art, but since the Starter Pack comes with premade heroes, we originally included artwork for them. But we also worked in a massive blind spot, and made all of them the same skin color – white. We’re working on adding POC heroes to the (somewhat limited) roster of the kit’s premade heroes.

Goblins! Paper Minis

Goblins! Paper Minis published on No Comments on Goblins! Paper Minis

We finally got these bad boys made. They’re available in the Patreon now, and will be in our DriveThruRPG store in a day or so.

There are four PDFs with different styles of the minis – black & white with two border selections, for some minis that are easy on your color ink, and then our full color minis with similar options.

Color Goblin, Black Border

Black and White Goblin, Black Border

Black and White Goblin, White Border

Color Goblin, White Border

Ok, gotta wrangle my rabbits back into their homes and then go to bed. Good night, internet. You’ve been lovely to me today.