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The Arcana Check is a splatbook series by Bartholomew Klick, with illustration by Zach Stoppel and editing by Lynn Caldwell.

In the Darkness

In the Darkness published on No Comments on In the Darkness
A figure is blinded by a bright light. The title reads: "The Arcana Check Presents: In The Darkness: Intuitive Vision Rules for D&D 5e."

Vision rules in 5e are often time-consuming to implement on the fly. Lights stretch out to x-number of feet in multiple states of brightness, and the areas revealed are changed as people move their characters. This is fantastic for a computer game – or as a feature of certain online tabletop environments – but in person, the distances that characters can see are often best-guessed, ignored completely, or worse, counted out one tile at a time during a disagreement about the rules.

This document tries to make the vision rules more intuitive by removing the need for distance calculations as well as seeking to be more inclusive by having the key-word for detecting creatures and objects being to sense.

Grab the PDF on the Thieves Can’t Patreon, or on the DM guild.


Spellswords published on No Comments on Spellswords
A female warrior with a glowing book and a two-handed sword stands atop the corpse of a drooling monster. The title text reads, "The Arcana Check. Spellswords: Caster subclasses for the D&D 5e Fighter"

In this edition of The Arcana Check, we explore the Spellsword, a fighter with casting abilities that takes its cues from the Warlock instead of the Wizard. Then we do the same thing, but with Druids, and add spellbook rules for the Eldritch Knight on top of it all. Click the cover to grab the PDF on our Patreon.