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Masterwork Update

Masterwork Update published on No Comments on Masterwork Update

Masterwork is with Lynn for editing, and with some testers for sanity checks. I’m pumped.

Let me tell you a bit about the system, which is the first part of my own RPG that is being sort of… grown out of 5e.

The 5e works right now, players pick their weapon from a list of somewhat limited options, and then usually stick with that weapon until such time as they find a magic version of it.

In Masterwork, there are three tiers of weapons, with each tier capable of dealing more damage and having various collected effects. The tiers should sound a bit familiar: simple, martial, and specialized. These represent how many properties (which we call Mechanics Tags) each weapon can have and the size of the damage die, with specialized weapons getting the best of both worlds.

Separate from Mechanics Tags are the weapon’s intrinsic Style Tag, which determines damage type and the stat used to attack and damage enemies. These most drastically affect gish classes, with kensai monks and hexblade warlocks getting the shorter end of the stick, so Masterwork is shipping with some special rules adjustments to help them out.

This tag system lets players and DMs build custom weapons that don’t exist in the PHB and that aren’t necessarily well-represented by the items that exist. It also allows players to create objectives for their equipment as a form of character progression, and gives them a way of quickly expressing their desires to crafter NPCs should they decide to commission a weapon.

This is necessarily a bit crunchier of a system for managing equipment than D&D 5e players are perhaps used to, so it’ll also come with some printable tools for helping players keep track of their equipment and what it does.

Two Subclasses: Dragonsworn and The Many-Formed One

Two Subclasses: Dragonsworn and The Many-Formed One published on No Comments on Two Subclasses: Dragonsworn and The Many-Formed One

These two subclasses answer questions of sponsorship.

What if a giant mimic sponsored a warlock? The answer is that the warlock becomes a master of the ambush and a shapeshifter beyond compare.

What if a dragon sponsored a kobold? The answer is a plucky underdog who inspires allies and dominates the battlefield with gifts from a draconic patron.



The Many-Formed One

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