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Candor Dauntless (she, her) is an anime enthusiast who loves the roleplaying aspects of D&D; she wants the game to be an extension of her favorite media, and tends to inject it in obtuse ways into the game's she playing. She cares about social justice and representation more than she cares about the game's stats, and would far prefer to shape the world with kindness than violence -- but she's no fool, and definitely min-maxed around Eldritch Blast.


This is a war-game to Keelie (she, her), and she takes the statistics and numbers deadly serious. She prefers older editions of D&D and games with crunchier mechanics, but 5e scratches her itch well enough and she'd rather play with her friends than grump about editions and rules. None of this has ever seemed very complicated to her, and she often forgets what the hobby might look like to a newcomer.


Ormond (he, him) learned about D&D from listening to The Adventure Zone, and he consumed podcasts and live streams of the game with a passion. He's new to the game and fifth edition is the only rule set he's ever known. He loves his character, and it bothers him that death in the game can be permanent, so he does everything he can to avoid a situation where he might die.


Reynauldo (they, them) is an old hat at D&D and while they grew up in the game-as-war era the same way Keelie did, they strongly prefer (and, indeed, have always treated) the game as a sport and a venue for executing their most outrageous ideas. Reynauldo thinks that the peasant railgun represents what makes tabletop RPGs great. They're a huge fan of Darkest Dungeon and will sometimes join Ormond in brief references to this game. The other two players aren't big video gamers, so they usually don't understand when this is happening. Reynauldo is particularly fond of Shovel Knight.