*Were* there’s a *wolf* there’s a … uh, ok, a red npc on a griffin I guess, sure, roll initiative.

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Comics | 0 comments

Of course, the reality of the situation is that my adventures have so much odd-ball crap in them that I’ve slowly been conditioning my players to suck EVERY CLUE THEY CAN FROM THE VERY EARTH before daring to set foot out of the safety of town.

Because, “hah, he’d never throw as boring as a werewolf at us!”

I mean, now I won’t. Now it’s a Werelichpyre. :(((

Also, it’s not your imagination. The strip got a tiny bit bigger. When I export images in Illustrator, the program adds MYSTERIOUS WHITE LINES to the sides of the comics, especially if I size them down after lettering them. No idea why. If I don’t size them down, they’re fine.

I’m very sick of opening Photoshop just so I can crop a line of white pixels off, so grats, the comics are slightly bigger now.


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