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Alas, poor Keelie. I knew her.

Alas, poor Keelie. I knew her. published on 12 Comments on Alas, poor Keelie. I knew her.

Player Death Culture

The way D&D deals with death is a lot different from when I was wee. Death was given out for the slightest mistake. Deadly traps plagued hallways, and new characters sprouted up like graveweeds. It was a different kind of fun, but it was fun.

This attitude toward death is still around, I think, but I’m not so certain people who hold it play 5e.

At least in my experience, in 4e and 5e both, death has been seen as something that needs earned. I’ve killed exactly two player characters in those editions. One was a valiant Dragonborn Paladin, who died hurling a wounded princess to safety through an open portal as the last volley of arrows sank into his back. The other was a Rogue who stepped into an ooze.

There’s a much more JRPG feel to the D&D groups I’ve found over the past few years, and player death isn’t a huge part of that vibe.

What’s PC death like at your table? I’d be interested to hear, so please, sound off in the comments.

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Deus ex Ludio

Deus ex Ludio published on 2 Comments on Deus ex Ludio


Here’s hoping that translates into “God from the Player.” I love linguistics, but it’s not my strong suit.


I encourage my players to try stuff like what Candor’s doing here. Sure, it’s pretty damn free form, but I think it’s fun, and when players realize they can pull stuff like this, they start looking at every little detail they’re presented. It’s been pretty engaging — at least at my table.

Sera, the DM of the Thieves Can’t comics, is pretty taken aback at what Candor’s trying here because in a lot of ways, Sera represents how I used to be when I ran games. If this happened to me, I’d just roll with it. The “Yes, and” part of the game is more important to me than whether or not a level one boss encounter gets subverted. A network of cowed monsters? Awesome. Betrayal and intrigue at every corner.

I’d be damn careful about her naming NPCs though…

Money Zone

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