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Starfall #29

Starfall #29 published on 2 Comments on Starfall #29

Hey folks,

It’s Monday and things are getting exciting around here.

I’m gearing up for a Curse of Strahd game and hope to be able to tell you guys more about how I’ll be setting up for it soon, complete with my homebrew rules, encounters, maps, and more. I’m also using the (suddenly popular??) free download over on my shop about creating custom races in a Pick-a-Path system in my first non-test games, so I’ll also be able to share the awesome characters my friends are making, and then further refining that system as I realize what things need tweaked.

Grab a copy of that today over on the shiny new store! It’s Pay-What-You-Want, so there’s zero risk.

In the meantime, I’ll be putting next week’s comic as well as sketches for it over on the Patreon later today, so if you’re subscribed, stay tuned for that.

Culture & Physiology: Pick-a-Path Races for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Culture & Physiology: Pick-a-Path Races in D&D 5e

Culture & Physiology: Pick-a-Path Races in D&D 5e published on No Comments on Culture & Physiology: Pick-a-Path Races in D&D 5e

Meant to replace the race feature of a D&D 5e character, this module allows players nearly infinite possible ways to create balanced homebrew races.

More than that, though, it allows players and DMs to have conversations about the mechanics of their game world. For example, in a campaign world that is all human, players can decide what physical and cultural attributes make their human distinct from all the others. Weapons training? Magic training? A beefy build? Mechanics usually gated behind non-human races are suddenly available to players in a restricted campaign setting. Everyone in the party can be human and still mechanically distinct.

Likewise, in a setting with no limits on race, this splat book allows players to let their imaginations take control of character creation. Cactus-folk? Done. Half-tarrasque, half-ochre jelly? Done.

This is a slender book at 4 pages, with easy-to-follow instructions that fit the spirit of Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition’s simplicity.

Follow the link below to grab the PDF. It’s Pay-What-You-Want, so help yourself.

Culture & Physiology: Pick-a-Path Races for D&D 5e