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Starfall #35

Starfall #35 published on 10 Comments on Starfall #35

I have been sitting on “The bunny worships Orcus” for a while, but I realized that the word Orcus is meaningless to a ton of my readers in a way that “Death Cleric” is not. So he’s just a Death Cleric from the DMG.

Also, yes, I am aware that Animate Dead doesn’t work on large or bigger creatures. Sera, the DM, is choosing to ignore that because the out-come is cooler if everyone overlooks that specific limitation here.

Starfall #34

Starfall #34 published on 3 Comments on Starfall #34

In which the tide does some turning.

All right, I’ve got my shit, gathered it all together, and placed it back into the shit bag where it belongs. I’m referring to, of course, Patreon which – for those following along – decided to unpublished my reward tiers without notice or warning. I’ve got it all sorted, and took the opportunity to revamp the rewards.

1) We are planning to release patron-only comics and other content soon. Stay tuned for an official announcement there – but it will be available to all patrons at all tiers.

2) Discord, comic previews, and all the other rewards are now rolled into the $1 tier. I hate the whole “thank you, here’s nothing” reward tiers that have become so standard, and this was the perfect opportunity to dispose of mine.

3) At the $25 tier, I will send you prints every month of any comics or finished art that we make. If you’re international, talk to me first, but it should still be fine.

Links are in the side-bar.

Thanks so much for reading and being with us for the ride so far!