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Starfall Part 2 – Page 2

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I know a lot of people will write what Keelie is doing here as an annoying sort of rules lawyering, but I think it’s important that everyone at the table is playing the same game. ‘Frightened’ is a condition. It does very specific things. If, suddenly, it stops doing those things, everyone needed some kind of warning. Climbing works a specific way. If climbing becomes a skill check, everyone needs to know. So while I get how what Keelie is doing here can seem really petty from the outside, I also get what frustrations cause this sort of conversation in the first place — the game master’s ability to edit complex rules on the fly (for however good of a reason) can ruin someone’s fun.

As an experiment, the description of this comic will have the prose text, unedited, from the short story these comics are based on. Hopefully this creates some accessibility for the folks who need it — and thanks to the people in the comments for a great idea!

See you guys next week!

Culture & Physiology: Pick-a-Path Races for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Culture & Physiology ver. 3

Culture & Physiology ver. 3 published on No Comments on Culture & Physiology ver. 3

Culture & Physiology 3.0

Our next splatbook is going to be a document for expanded weapons feats. the working title is “Keelie’s Guide to Fucking Shit Up” but I might rein that in a bit. In the meantime, I am still tweaking Culture & Physiology, so here’s a new version of it:

Patch Notes:
Nerfed traits that grant spells, bringing them in-line with the core rulebook tiefling.
Moved the cantrip to a new trait.
Buffed Pack Instincts to better clarify its mechanical role.
Added clarity to and renamed “Other.”
Nerfed Deep Cultural Hatred; it was too strong in actual play. I now understand 5e’s mechanical problem with the ranger’s “Favored Enemy” feature. I might change this to “reroll missed attacks one time versus this enemy” instead of extra damage as I test that feature.
There may be other changes I am missing.

I have been calling this 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 in the title of this instead of the actual patch number, which is 1.1.0. – I think it’s a little clearer to people that this is the 3rd release of a thing that way, but for my internal use, I strongly prefer semantic versioning.