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We haven't had a con save because of food for 8 years but FINE sera, I'll roll a fucking con save now that you realize I forgot to start with 10 rations.

Wait, this game has food?

Wait, this game has food? published on 5 Comments on Wait, this game has food?

So the DM has a new balloon. The old balloon was such a massive pain in the ass to make that I welcome the reprieve of switching settings.

It’s good to be back in the comic saddle. Let’s get this ball rolling.

Ch-ch-changes (to how we write)

Ch-ch-changes (to how we write) published on 1 Comment on Ch-ch-changes (to how we write)

Let me tell you about our normal writing process – how the pork intestines of D&D turns into the breakfast sausage of our comics.

Zach and I play separate games of D&D. He plays with his friends and I play with mine. Then we talk about D&D and what made it funny, and then one of us (usually me) distills that down into a rough script. We go back and forth on the script until we like it. Then Zach draws it, I letter it, and it’s done.

I want to step the writing quality up and that means a change in process. We are building a module out of which we will both play D&D and write our scripts, so that rather than an amalgamation of TTRPG experiences. We are taking a small hiatus to build up the world around our new space-fairing heroes and release it as both comics and as a playable adventure.

See you soon!

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