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Types of Metagaming

Types of Metagaming published on 11 Comments on Types of Metagaming

Honestly? Metagaming can be fun. Give them an intuition modifier, and when they make some weird ass assumption about the world, set a DC for them being at least partially correct. Give the players with history expertise copies of the module’s backstory. As long as it’s not something toxic or that makes everyone uncomfortable, lean into what people are naturally doing to have fun.

The original script was quite different for this one. We ultimately decided that the last two panels were too close to being identical jokes, so we switched it up. I also, you know, looked up the word psychotic and switched to something more appropriate.

Original Script:

The Types of Metagaming
It’s called troll-gouge valley, so everyone get an acid or fire attack ready.
I got a 12. That’s more than enough to hit the slime, so I deal 26 damage.
That zombie bit me!
Reynauldo (panicking):
How long until you turn!?!
Guys, I think I’m turning into a slaad.
Stand still while I cut your throat. Reynauldo, when can you cast a resurrection spell?

Patreon Changes

Patreon Changes published on No Comments on Patreon Changes

We are shifting gears on Patreon again, as Masterwork comes closer to being a final product and after we saw the reception to our paper minis.

Free Splatbooks will still be a thing, but they’re going to be a community unlocked feature. I am still working on the mechanics of this, but essentially, our Patreon community will have the keys to making various splatbooks free for everyone else. The goal here is to avoid PWYW (because, ironically, it costs money to set up that way on my store, and the DM Guild / DriveThru RPG get half of everything if we use them) without gate-keeping all of our content. The hope is that it’ll feel more like our general readers are getting gifts from our supporters. The splatbooks are going to start featuring more maps and modules, too, with an emphasis on custom monsters and items. And while it’ll remain 5e focused, I am definitely going to experiment with making these things usable with, or at least friendly to Pathfinder 2E.

The big focus on Patreon though is going to be Paper Minis. It’ll be the ONLY place you can get the black & white versions, the source files, and community-created minis.

Speaking of Minis, the votes are in from our delightful crew, and we’re going to start making a gigantic pack of paper minis to go with The Dragon Heist module. Look for updates soon.

In the meantime, here are our new tiers:

Black & White Paper Minis. – $1
Discord, Splat Books, and a Voice in What We Do – $3
Color Paper Minis as we release them. – $5
Access to Source Files. – $10
A custom Paper Mini Every Month – $15

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