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Sometimes the dice just want you dead.

Sometimes the dice just want you dead. published on 3 Comments on Sometimes the dice just want you dead.

This is why you don’t put dice in prison, folks – they’re vengeful creatures.

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It’s a classic scenario though. I think Zee Bashew did a cool animation on YT about it (See “The deadliest thing in D&D”).

Speaking of water, I remember my first PC death. We were an extremely poorly-chosen group of characters (Two Fighters; a Barb and a Bard) and my DM liked to punish us for our lack of ranged attacks often (Vicious Mockery can only do so much). At one point we encountered an underground lake, with a ceiling full of what were made out to be stalactites. Turned out to be Ropers who were picking us off whenever we attempted to swim across the lake.

Picture this: The only way to traverse the lake is to swim (swimming check). If we swim, we get ‘grappled’ by the roper(s) and effectively held in mid-air. Our only way to hurt the ropers were to allow ourselves to be grappled (since the DM wouldn’t allow us to tread water and wield weapons simultaneously), and hurting the ropers would mean being dropped back into the water (another swimming check). Worse still, my PC – a Dwarven Fighter – was in full plate armour. So I got disadvantage on the swimming.

Eventually the inevitable happened: Everyone drowned. The End.

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