This one’s Bart.

That one’s Zach.

We make this thing together.

We met in college, decided to make comics when we each respectively realized that the other one wasn’t a dangleberry, and then started playing D&D whenever we got a chance.

Bart has an orange die he never uses. Zach loves this die and calls it “Lucky Orange.” Whenever they play D&D, Zach fishes Lucky Orange out of Bart’s dice bag. Bart has tried to give Lucky Orange to Zach on no fewer than twenty occasions. Zach refuses. The luck of the dice would be ruined if it were his and not Bart’s.

Zach has discord, facebook, a phone, and a reddit account. At any given game week, his notifications will light up like a night sky in early July. They are all from the same person — Bart — who is one of those bizarre creatures that prefers to DM than to play. Bart is a player wrangler. He keeps a book of people’s schedules. Zach believes that this is “a super power,” but the reality is that the game will be ruined if people don’t show up.

All important information has been relayed.

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