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They Grow Up So Fast part two

They Grow Up So Fast part two published on No Comments on They Grow Up So Fast part two

This was originally a significantly longer comic that involved kicking Ormond down a hallway. Here, have a panel we threw away.

Throwaway panel. Literally.

Small Announcement

We are now on DriveThruRPG! Our first two pieces of gaming-related merch can be found over on the sidebar, or at the bottom of the site on mobile, or by clicking here.

If you’ve already gotten our schweet schwiggity swag on Patreon, please pop over and leave a comment or review!

Arcana Check #1

Arcana Check #1 published on No Comments on Arcana Check #1

Delve deep into a dwarven mine under siege by kobolds.

Learn the secrets of the Dragonsworn fighter subclass.

Follow our very own Doctor Anna Jones, Wizard Extraordinaire, as she lives among the kobolds in search of a legendary lost city.

And, of course, each issue will include the supporter-only comic.

This month’s adventure is suitable for parties level 1 through 4, and is intended to be on the difficult side. Leave comments and let us know what you think.

Available now on our Patreon, and soon via DriveThruRPG.

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